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    Do you know a cute penguin? Do you prefer Linux to Windows? Or does your company run on LINUX servers, which many prefer especially for their robustness and performance? Then you are on the same page as our tutors, who have been teaching Linux courses at our training center for many years.

    The LINUX course for administrators, basics is a course for clients who are interested in working with the UNIX / LINUX operating system but do not have sufficient experience. Through the course, you will gain an excellent opportunity to quickly understand the operating system and master the basic work, thanks to which you can apply the principles in your work almost immediately. The course will provide you with a solid basis for follow-up training of the LINUX operating system, through which you will significantly advance in the levels of more complex issues.

    The LINUX installation, system administration course offers in-depth knowledge and skills. For example, future system administrators are following this course. During the training, participants actively address the issues of system administration, user management as well as system boot settings, or even Linux virtualization.

    The LINUX Network Services course is sought after by novice as well as active LINUX administrators. You will also take the course by installing, configuring, and operating TCP / IP network protocols. The training syllabus covers a wide range of knowledge. From basic technical concepts, course participants gradually develop into practical and important specialized steps, which include: network interconnection TCP / IP transmission protocol, application network programs and services, SAMBA file server, Mail Servers (postfix, sendmail), antispam and anti-virus filters, Apache Web Server, MYSQL database server and much more in the course syllabus.

    We bring to the attention of Linuxers an advantageous series of LINUX courses: Linux system administrator - special package! Lasting 5 days! LINUX courses for administrators, basics, LINUX installation, system administration, LINUX network services await our clients in an optimally and advantageously compiled stock package. The courses are designed to build on each other and offer knowledge and skills in a wide range over five days. Configuring and running programs, Email, Shell Interpreters, system administration, user management, process management, Linux booting, network services and much more in the MACROSOFT stock package.

    Are you looking for related courses in this area? We also have courses for you PROXY SERVER , FreeBSD - network operating system, DHCP server - automation of network settings, which can also expand your knowledge and help you work as a server administrator!

    Are you considering expanding your knowledge of computer network administration? The PROXY SERVER course is specifically for these solutions. Optimizing data flows, regulating user access to the web, or adjusting the response of web servers and saving money will bring you valuable skills acquired at the PROXY SERVER course.

    You will find training curricula for each individual course.

    The advantage of database training in Macrosoft s.r.o. there are usually smaller groups of trainees. Experienced lecturers are a guarantee of thorough adoption of the curriculum with emphasis on the needs of clients. During the training, of course, there is also room for questions that interest clients in practice. Other benefits that our clients appreciate include comfortable, bright and spacious training rooms, as well as refreshments during breaks. Upon completion of the course, which takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, each participant will receive a Macrosoft training graduate certificate. Macrosoft certifications are widely accepted by employers, including large organizations and companies.


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